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The Lotus | T-Shirt Oversized Unisex

The Lotus originates from Indonesia and India, but also grows in Korea, Japan, the southeastern United States, Suriname, Thailand, China and Australia, for example. If care is taken to prevent the rhizomes in the soil from freezing, the plant can also survive in a temperate climate. The only place in Europe where lotus flowers grow wild are the lakes around the Italian city of Mantua.

The plant can grow up to 5.5 m tall, depending on the depth of the water above the mud the plant grows in. The individual leaves and flowers are attached to the long stems. The flowers protrude slightly above the leaves. They open early in the morning and can grow up to 23 cm in diameter. The plant flowers throughout the year.

This design is embroidered with a low embroidery density. As a result, the underlying fabric is partly visible.

Collection: 'One Line'

100% spun and combed organic cotton

240 gsm

source: wikipedia

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