The Owl | T Shirt Unisex | India Ink Grey
The Owl | T Shirt Unisex | India Ink Grey
The Owl | T Shirt Unisex | India Ink Grey
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The Owl | T Shirt Unisex | India Ink Grey

Striking about the appearance of the long-eared owl are especially the long ear tufts, which are not real ears. The scientific name means 'eared owl'.

It owes its name to the resemblance to a 'ranse', Middle Dutch for 'hat with a hood that hung down in folds'. The eyes are orange-yellow. Confusion with the eagle owl, which also has ear plumes, is possible, but the latter is considerably larger than the long-eared owl.

The plumage is rusty yellow on the upper side with black-brown spots and stripes, and the bird is otherwise grey-brown mottled and striped. The light yellow underside shows broad dark longitudinal stripes and fine transverse stripes.

This design is embroidered with a low embroidery density. As a result, the underlying fabric is partly visible.

Collection: 'One Line'

Single jersey, 100% spun and combed organic cotton

Washed fabric, 180 GSM

High quality embroidered design

source: Wikipedia

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