The Kingfisher | Sweater Unisex | NaturalRaw
The Kingfisher | Sweater Unisex | NaturalRaw
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The Kingfisher | Sweater Unisex | NaturalRaw


Flashing clear blue with a whistling call. The kingfisher. Kingfishers are mainly birds of streams and rivers with fresh, running water, but also breed in stagnant water. In winter also to be seen in more open and brackish or salt water, looking for sufficient food: small fish, aquatic insects. The water must be ice-free and clear for hunting. Harsh winters kill many kingfishers.

This design is embroidered with a low embroidery density. As a result, the underlying fabric is partly visible.

Collection: 'One Line'

85% spun and combed organic cotton

15% recycled polyester

350 grams

disclaimer: the color of the product and size of the print may differ slightly from the photo, because each product is unique